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To enhance or manage your IT

Custom Manged Sevices
Custom Managed Services

o Unlimited On-Site and Remote Support between 8 AM and 4 PM o Update and Patch Management o Asset Monitoring o Anti-Malware o Backup Monitoring o Important Software Updates

Monthly anti-virus

o Local Anti-Virus on Computers and Servers o Email Scanning o Regular Scans for Malware and Threats o Monitored and Patched Daily by Intrac via Security Suite o Email Alerts for known threats to lookout for

Cloud Backup Solution

o Yearly Based Subscription o Off-Site backup of devices and computers for disaster recovery o Backups run every night o Live-Reference data for recovery o Expandable Storage pool to support Data Growth o Verification Of Backups o Advanced Backup Notifications o HIPAA Compliant

Atera work from home

o License to provide remote access to a device o Works with Windows 10 Home Edition o No VPN required

Monthly Backup Solution

o Alternative to purchasing and maintaining your Synology o 2-Year Contract Terms o Synology Device and Hard Drives Included o Local and Cloud backups for computers and servers included o Management of Synology Included o Battery backup Included to prevent data loss and corruption o Verification of backups included o Important DSM Updates included o Advanced Alerts for Backups Included o Hardware Monitoring of Synology Device Included

Monthly Patches and Updates

o Managed Computer and Server Updates ran weekly o 24/7 Hardware Asset Monitoring o Insight on component health for devices

Synology backup monitoring

o Important DSM Updates for your Synology Device o Verification of Backups o Hardware Monitoring on your Synology Device o Advanced Alerts for Backups

SMTP Service

o Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Email Services o Allows emailing directly from QuickBooks o Enables Scan-to-email on copiers o Enables Voicemails to be sent via email

Non-Manged Sevice
Non-Managed Services
Data Backup and Restore Solutions

o Synology Based Backups of Servers and Computers o Live Reference Data o Intrac is notified of any failures of backups o Ran Over Night every Night o Client Restore Portal to recover accidentally deleted files o Up to 7 years of data retention o Expandable Storage

Computer Management and Services

o Memory Upgrades o Hardware Replacements o Full Device Replacements o Data transfer to new device o Computer Cleaning o Important Windows Updates o Component Firmware and BIOS updates

Asset Management and Monitoring

o Full Inventory of all computer and server hardware o Insights on device age and activity o Full Software Inventory for all computers and age o Storage Space Monitoring o Intrac receives failure and potential failure notifications

Remote Support

o Remote Connection to Troubleshoot o Available 8-4 Monday-Friday

Network Diagram and Mapping

o Full Diagram of your Computer and Networking Infrastructure o Access point Location and Coverage Mapping o Network Line Maps for troubleshooting

Active Directory Management

o Management of existing computer domain or creation of computer domain o User creation and removal o Group Policy Management o Automatic Printer Deployment o DNS and DHCP configuration for local devices

Wireless Solutions

o Next Gen WiFi-6 Network o Full site coverage o Access Point Controller for Cloud Management o Automatic Firmware Updates o Isolated Guest Networks o Multi-Network Deployment o Advanced Notifications for Wireless Network o Automatic Firmware Updates on Networking Devices

VPN and Remote Work Solutions

o Configuration of VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) o Authentication with Domain Users o HIPAA Compliant o Remote access of Computer, Shared Drives, and Servers

Data Storage Solutions

o Server and NAS (Network-Attached Storage) o Shared Drives o User-Access Restriction o Password Protected Storage o HIPAA Compliant Storage o 256-Bit AES Encryption

Full Network Configuration

o Multi-Gigabit network solutions o Router, Switches, Access Points o Links between Multiple Distribution Centers Via Optic Fiber o Hardware Controller for Cloud Management o Automatic Firmware Updates On all Hardware o Site-To-Site VPN for network and server access between business locations

Email and Domain Management/Migration

o Ties in with Office365 Licensing o Email Domain Migration to new domain or new email provider o Cloud Based email Storage o Shared Mailboxes o Distribution Groups o Calendar Backups and Migration o Office Licensing tied into Google G-Suite Emails o Fax Via Email (HIPAA Compliant)

Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

o One Drive and SharePoint o User Management o Cloud Based File Storage and Sharing o Available Remotely

What Our Clients Say

Typing on a Computer

“I am a happy and satisfied client. They are friendly and always respond quickly. Their guidance in
security and database structure along with their management of our software is critical for our
department to function. Their willingness to help and work with our software vendors has saved us a lot of money over the years. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable they are to our department. We recommend them to anybody!”

– Officer Jacob S

Officer for Police Department in Manitowoc County

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